In March & April 2011, the Cardinal wrote two articles for the 博客; `The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transitai??i??Ai?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/news-articles/the-emperor-has-no-clothes-and-no-transit/ Ai??Ai??and `Pushing a wooden stake through the heart of darknessai??i?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/latest-news/cardinal-fang/pushing-a-wooden-stake-through-the-heart-of-darkness/ In the intervening 18 months, little has changed; the 温哥华 City Council and 传输链接 have learnt little except that the opposition and [...]



They’re coming. They’re actually now being built, not just planned, not just proposed. Streetcar lines are back. From Railway Age; http://www.railwayage.com/index.php/blogs/doug-bowen/streetcars-belong-part-2-even-in-the-us.htmlAi?? Streetcars are still under the radar for most railroad folks, perhaps understandably, given the fledgling nature of the mode in the U.S. The lines established and under construction, are small in scope and distance. [...]


连通城市Ai ??轻轨交通或轻轨

红衣主教之前已经发布了有关互联城市项目的详细信息。互联城市是欧盟[EU] Ai ??的一项调查,它研究如何向城市和地区提供无限制但可持续的交通和出行方式,以增强城市的地域凝聚力并改善其生活质量[...]





Austin Cars ExaminerAi?? August 12, 2011 http://www.examiner.com/cars-in-austin/eclectric-hybrid-streetcars-coming-to-austin A glimpse of the possible future of mass 过境 in the City of Austin was shown to the public on August 11. 金岸里, a 全球 provider of high speed and mass 过境 rail vehicles, set up a version of their new low floor hybrid electric street car (the [...]

复活节周末电车& Light Rail news – Europe, 澳大利亚 & the 美国

Light rail vehicle unveiled http://www.railwaygazette.com/nc/news/single-view/view/bielefeld-vamos-lrv-unveiled.html 21 April 2011 Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai??Ai?? GERMANY: The first of 16 high-floor 轻轨列车 vehicles for Bielefeld city transport operator MoBiel was presented to a select audience at 海特·布里克ai??i??s Leipzig plant on April 14.Ai?? MoBiel placed a ai??i??47m order for the cars with a consortium of Vossloh Kiepe and 海特·布里克 on January [...]


Jeff McMahon writes on the Forbes 博客 – April 12th http://blogs.forbes.com/jeffmcmahon/2011/04/12/white-house-comes-out-for-streetcars/ President Obama’s clean-energy campaign hopped onto 有轨电车 this morning with a government-made infomercial and testimonial for United Streetcars, a 波特兰 company, published on the White House and Transportation Department blogs. The testimonial promises 有轨电车 will help America “win the future.” It was penned 通过 Transportation Secretary [...]



红衣主教热烈欢迎Zweisystem返回&向他表示希望从他最近的病中早日康复;–快点,赶紧走开! Zwei,请记住Mark Twainai的建议-阅读健康书籍时要小心;你可能会死于打印错误?艾?随着Zweisystem回到本节,继续他的任务,[...]



The Cardinal has posted a number of news articles on 欧洲轻轨 & Tramway developments in the past month; now from the US comes news of two new 过境 scheme initiatives and developments on a third. 华盛顿特区有轨电车s on track for return to D.C. Washington Post 15 February 2011 http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2009/mar/15/streetcars-on-track-for-return-to-dc/   Czech built Skoda Inekon [...]

双城 LRV


Federal grant agreement sent to Congress for 双城' light-rail project from 渐进式铁路.com 2 February 2011 http://www.progressiverailroading.com/news/article/Federal-grant-agreement-sent-to-Congress-for-Twin-Cities-lightrail-project–25683 The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has sent a Full Funding Grant Agreement (FFGA) to Congress for the proposed $957 million Central Corridor Light-Rail Transit Project that would link downtown St. Paul and downtown 明尼阿波利斯. A 60-day review will [...]