下次,忘记庞巴迪,从西门子或阿尔斯通购买! TTCai公司的新街车遇到了制造问题,首席执行官CEO安迪·拜福德(Andy Byford)希望客户知道最初的汽车由于制造不善而上街很慢。 Marcus Oleniuk /多伦多之星订购此照片TTC工人改变了寻找新车型的轨道[...]



确认Zwei在过去几十年中一直在说什么,乘坐现代有轨滚球或有轨滚球的效率高达4到6辆公共汽车。 TTC主席委员Maria Augimeri的主要讲话;“………对于从市区核心区移出的每辆有轨滚球,都将不得不更换3-5辆公交车。”,确认Zwei一直是[...]



多伦多Ai??TTC new streetcar implementation TTC Low Floor LRV Roll Out Plan Released (Update 3) Posted on June 25, 2013 通过 Steve Updated June 25, 2013:Ai?? At the June 24 Commission meeting, CEO Andy Byford presented further details of the roll out plan.Ai?? This information is added to the 恩d of the article along with [...]


世界’s Top 10 Tram Rides

Taken from the National Geographicai??i??s Journeyai??i??s of a Lifetime ai??i?? 500 of the Worldai??i??s Greatest Trips 墨尔本’s route 96 滚球 has been named in National Geographic’s “Journeys of a Lifetime” coffee table book as one of the planet’s top 10 “trolley car” rides. Ai?? 布达佩斯ai??i??s Tram Route No 2 is awarded 7th place, [...]


From the 国际铁路杂志 Light rail is experiencing a renaissance in cities throughout Canada with various new lines planned and some currently under construction. LIKE most cities across the world, Canada’s leading urban centres suffer from traffic congestion leaving many residents wasting time in their cars. In recent years 轻轨列车 schemes have [...]


Arguments for spending billions on SkyTrain along 百老汇 rest on oddly high estimates for the alternative: 轻轨列车. ByAi??Kathryn Mandell and Patrick M. Condon, Today, Future interrupted? Why is 温哥华 轻轨列车 assumed to be three times more expensive than elsewhere? Image source: Steer Davies Gleave.Ai??Ai??Ai?? An extremely expensive decision for taxpayers looms [...]


Mayor 罗伯·福特 wend down swinging, saying again that people want subways, not 轻轨. However, 多伦多 City Council 恩dorsed the $8.4 million master plan to build four 轻轨 lines 通过 a 30 to 11 margin. 多伦多太阳报 story at: By Don Peat ,City Hall Bureau Chief First posted:Thursday, November 01, 2012 08:20 The Crosstown [...]


National Post Although it will not be accepting passengers until 2014, the TTCai??i??s next generation of 有轨滚球 arrived in the city 通过 freight train this week. Still the property of its builder, 庞巴迪, the train is in town for a series of trials to see whether it can smoothly navigate 多伦多ai??i??s streets. The vehicle, [...]



在本月初的会议室在Scarborough,市长罗布Fordai ??我?的宏伟计划,骑连任地铁上漂的承诺进一步偏离了轨道。它发生在福特国家的心脏深处,数十人聚集在阿金库尔参加由CodeRedTO发起的信息发布会,CodeRedTO是一个无党派组织,一直以来都是[...]