在多伦多,政客似乎对过境充满乐趣。新市长,反电车和茶包类型的罗伯·福特(Rob Ford)在最近的选举中没有赋予安大略保守党授权时,得到了选民的反手。实际上,福特市长的野蛮滑稽动作帮助击败了[...]


A column published 通过 The National Post says 多伦多 has a fetish for 有轨电车 and what the city really needs is more rapid 过境 地铁s to make it a world class urban area. The commentary compares 多伦多 with 伦敦 and its Tube system:http://life.nationalpost.com/2011/06/10/kelvin-browne-derailed-by-the-spacehog-streetcar/ Every city with aspirations for greatness insists on good 过境, and 地铁s [...]


From the 多伦多轻轨 Information 博客 http://lrt.daxack.ca/blog/ Discussions on 多伦多 and GTHA 轻轨 Possibilities Much of this site is devoted to promoting 轻轨 as a viable alternative to Subway for rapid 过境 expansion within the GTA where capacity needs exceed or will exceed that of bus operation, but do not warrant a Subway level of [...]



HK order low-floor 电车 from Transtech Rail.co April 1 2011 http://www.rail.co/2011/04/01/hkl-orders-low-floor-trams-from-transtech/ 赫尔辛基 City Transport (HKL) and the Finnish Rail rolling stock manufacturer Transtech signed an agreement to purchase 40 new 电车 on 24 March. The contract comprises of 40 电车 and a possible further 90, if the 电车 extensions of 赫尔辛基 go to plan. The [...]


罗伯·福特’s Designs on Metrolinx (Update 2) http://stevemunro.ca/?p=5061 Posted 于2011年4月1日by Steve Updated 9:45am: Environmentalists scoffed at plans to convert rail corridors to roadways.  “Electrification of GO was our big chance to show the world just how green a 过境 system could be”, said Jamie Kirkpatrick of the 多伦多 Environmental Alliance.  Trains [...]


善良& Bad; News from 多伦多

Firstly the good news; 多伦多's 过境 system will receive 39 kilometres of new 地铁 and 轻轨列车 track in a $12-billion expansion package announced 通过 the province and city on Thursday. 安大略省 invests billions in 多伦多 过境 'spine' http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/TopStories/20110331/toronto-transit-announcement-110331/ ctvtoronto.ca Thu. Mar. 31 2011 1:01 PM ET 多伦多's 过境 system will receive 39 kilometres of [...]



领导SIRI AGRELL,LES PERREAUX,WENDY STUECK和JOSH WINGROVE的时间Globe and Mail 2011年3月26日,星期六,美国东部夏令时间(EDT)加拿大城市的通勤时间不再仅仅是交通高峰时间的来源,而是影响国家责任的因素城市中心的经济表现,需要渥太华立即进行干预。一个新的[...]



Two  reports on 加拿大轻轨 systems The following link is to a report published in 2006 通过 Calagary Transit Light Rail Transit in 卡尔加里  http://www.calgarytransit.com/pdf/Calgarys_LRT_1st_25Years_TRB_revised.pdf Currently, the average hourly operating cost of 轻轨 is approximately $163, including operating, maintenance and utility costs. With an average of 600 boarding passengers per revenue operating hour, the [...]


多伦多再次!福特汽车& Gilbert sound-off &不相关的比较

多伦多 owes mayor a thank you on 过境 多伦多之星.com February 24th http://www.thestar.com/opinion/article/943888–toronto-owes-mayor-a-thank-you-on-transit#article 多伦多 owes Mayor 罗伯·福特 a big thank you for three things. [Most definitely not] The first is for raising timely doubts about the wisdom of proceeding with 过境城市. This was the previous council’s expensive one-size-fits-all plan to replace 巴士 on [...]


在美国各地&加拿大-轻轨,电车,有轨电车,轻轨& Transit news

2月下旬在轻铁,有轨电车,有轨电车,轻快铁上带来了很多喜讯&北美的公交项目,有些积极&一些负面的。红衣主教发布了一些国家,地方新闻和在线博客报告。 1)灰色:有轨电车是‘Very Wise Decision’ Mayor Vincent Gray’s与电车的混合记录[...]