In March & April 2011, the Cardinal wrote two articles for the 博客 ; `The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transitai??i??Ai?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/news-articles/the-emperor-has-no-clothes-and-no-transit/ Ai??Ai??and `将木桩推过黑暗的心ai??i?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/latest-news/cardinal-fang/pushing-a-wooden-stake-through-the-heart-of-darkness/ In the intervening 18 months, little has changed; the 温哥华 City Council and 传输链接 have learnt little except that the opposition and [...]


电车,行人& Bicycles + buses & 汽车 in 阿姆斯特丹

Trams, bicycles, pedestrians also buses, motorcycles & 汽车 happily co-existing in 阿姆斯特丹 . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JeWED7Zilo Just to reassure Ai??theAi??Ai??retardedAi??Ai??dingbats amongst Skyscraper, Ai??Skytrain for 萨里 , 传输链接 & Ai??VancouverAi??activistsAi??that it can be done Ai??and that no one was killed or injured during the making of this video a Happy New Year to one & all…. the toast is `Shiney [...]



Mayor says taxpayers have poured too much into TransLink SURREY (NEWS1130) – 黛安·瓦茨(Dianne Watts) wants 轻轨列车 for her city as soon as possible, but would 萨里 be willing to pay for it alone? http://www.news1130.com/news/local/article/280453–surrey-won-t-build-light-rail-without-help      A candidate for mayor in 温哥华 has promised a city-initiated streetcar system, but Watts says 萨里 is still waiting [...]


美国,英国,法国&澳大利亚轻轨& transport news

Plans for New 生态电车 s In 布里斯托尔 Ai?? Wednesday, May 4th 2011 13:17 http://www.jackbristol.com/newscentre/bristols-news/plans-for-new-eco-trams-in-bristol-6013 Ai?? An artistai??i??s impression of a 电车 in 布里斯托尔 Ai?? A consortium has put forward plans for a new eco-tram system in 布里斯托尔 that would run between Ashton Meadows and Temple Ai??Meads station. If it is given the go ahead, the route [...]


From the Oh what a suprise Department Look after south of Fraser before considering 不列颠哥伦比亚大学 http://www.langleyadvance.com/news/says+TransLink+priorities+wrong/4646857/story.html Ai?? The 三角洲 乐观主义者 April 20, 2011 Ai?? TransLink better get its priorities straight and look at improving services south of the 弗雷泽河 before looking for money to build a SkyTrain line to 不列颠哥伦比亚大学 . Ai?? 三角洲南部 MLA [...]



 我抬起头。船队被一团乌黑的乌云所阻挡,通向大地尽头的宁静水道在阴暗的天空下阴沉–似乎进入了巨大黑暗的心脏。" –约瑟夫·康拉德,《黑暗之心》   这不是一个很好的[...]