CALGARYai??i?? From Saturday’s Globe and Mail 通过 Marcus Gee Mayor 罗伯·福特 has left no confusion about how he feels about light-rail 过境. One of his first acts as mayor was to declare the death of 过境城市, a multibillion-dollar plan for a network of above-ground 过境 lines. Listening to Mr. Ford, you might [...]

阿尔斯通·雷吉奥·西塔迪斯(Alstom Regio Citadis)


铁道技术网 The website for the railway industry RSB interest groups signed a letter of intent in September 2008, with construction to start during 2009. The current main rail interests are DB’s regional train operations (DB Regio) and 基础设施 (DB Netz) arms, and the city transport organisation 不伦瑞克er Verkehrs AG. Project aims include upgrading the [...]


罗伯·福特(Robert Rob)

罗伯·福特 ready to let 过境 projects hold in favour of Sheppard 地铁 Globe & Mail December 21st   Mr. Ford has criticized light-rail 过境 as too similar to the 有轨电车 he believes causes congestion in 多伦多’s gridlocked roadways. He scoffed at the idea that monorails or a similar above-grade technology, which in theory [...]


圣诞节前两个星期,省自由党发布了人们期待已久的弗雷泽河谷过境研究,人们可以明白为什么。 Rail for The Valley / 里伍德报告已经过时了。通过在圣诞节前发布报告,政府希望在圣诞节的欢呼声中掩埋这个臭鼬,掩盖了弗雷泽[...]