Two  reports on 加拿大轻轨 systems The following link is to a report published in 2006 通过 Calagary Transit Light Rail Transit in 卡尔加里 Currently, the average hourly operating cost of 轻轨 is approximately $163, including operating, maintenance and utility costs. With an average of 600 boarding passengers per revenue operating hour, the [...]

新的曼港大桥– A bridge too big!

省政府宣布了一条新的10车道桥梁,以取代曼港港口为实施弗雷泽河谷的Ai ?? Ai ??良好交通规划而生病。真正的赢家是‘roads lobby’,货运业和土地开发商,因为宣布的桥梁直接满足了他们的需求。 TheAi ?? Ai ??新桥的显示内容是,[...]