揭穿SkyTrain神话A?ai ?? i ?? ai ???第3部分〜那么谁来运营SkyTrain?为什么?

Ai??Ai?? Detroit’s ICTS Two previous postings Ai??Ai??http://railforthevalley.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/debunking-the-skytrain-myth-rail-for-the-valley-answers-the-ubc-skytrain-lobby/ “Ai??Ai??揭穿SkyTrain神话……. “Ai??Ai??and Ai??Ai??http://railforthevalley.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/debunking-the-skytrain-myth-part-2/Ai??Ai?? ” 揭穿SkyTrain神话Part 2 “Ai??Ai??has sent the SkyTrain lobby into apologetic fits. The cries of “shock and disbelief“, untrue, and cherry-picked information fill the comments postings, yet the SkyTrain lobby fail to answer one question: “Why after three decades [...]


揭穿SkyTrain神话– Part 2

A tramtrain traveling through a village near Karlsruhe Germany. The “揭穿SkyTrain神话. 山谷铁路answers the UBC SkyTrain Lobby”Ai??Ai??, post…….. http://railforthevalley.wordpress.com/2009/04/23/debunking-the-skytrain-myth-rail-for-the-valley-answers-the-ubc-skytrain-lobby/ …….has become the most readAi??Ai?? and commented one to date, yet no one with the SkyTrain lobby has posted a credible reply. On the various SkyTrain blog sites, the one [...]