In March & April 2011, the Cardinal wrote two articles for the 博客 ; `The Emperor has no Clothes and no Transitai??i??Ai?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/news-articles/the-emperor-has-no-clothes-and-no-transit/ Ai??Ai??and `Pushing a wooden stake through the heart of darknessai??i?? http://www.carltoncycles.com/latest-news/cardinal-fang/pushing-a-wooden-stake-through-the-heart-of-darkness/ In the intervening 18 months, little has changed; the 温哥华 City Council and 传输链接 have learnt little except that the opposition and [...]

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All too often public 过境 advocates are refused access to 政客 , in Britain the Light Rail Transit Association 轻轨 A has been instrumental inAi??the setting up of a forumAi??where ministers and their advisors can meet with the industry leaders, campaigners & Light Rail advocates. – the 全党议会轻轨小组 [APPLRG] http://www.applrguk.co.uk/ APPLRG stands [...]


The government has set out its intention to trigger a 轻轨列车 renaissance in the UK and while specialists welcome the move some are concerned about costs http://www.guardian.co.uk/public-leaders-network/2011/sep/23/light-rail-renaissance?newsfeed=true Nick Appleyard Guardian Professional, Friday 23 September 2011 00.50 BST Major cities such as Leeds and Bristol are missing out 通过 not having either a 电车 or [...]


我必须再次下海[在船上& 电车 ]

我必须再次下海,走到寂寞的大海和天空,我只想问一艘高大的船和一颗星星来指引她前进,’s kick and the wind’的歌和白帆’摇晃着,海上有灰色的薄雾’的脸和灰色的黎明[...]



红衣主教热烈欢迎Zweisystem返回&向他表示希望从他最近的病中早日康复;–快点,赶紧走开! Zwei,请记住Mark Twainai的建议-阅读健康书籍时要小心;你可能会死于打印错误?艾?随着Zweisystem回到本节,继续他的任务,[...]