庞巴迪公司(Bombardier Inc.)的航空航天部门最近遇到了一些财务问题,因此可以说以铁路部门为抵押。他们现在最好赚钱了吗?’5年后,CDPQ将拥有42.5%的股份。这对我们在西海岸意味着什么?绝对更大的压力[...]



未来5分钟可达高峰。相同的技术可以应用于滚球。来自BBC国际服务。 Xoupir:查尔斯·庞巴迪莱(Charles 庞巴迪ai)? David K Gibson查尔斯·庞巴迪(Charles 庞巴迪)设计事物。奇妙的事情,例如机器人曲棍球裁判,为冲浪比赛制造波浪的拖船,以及磁石过山车,骑手在上面飞驰而过。


National Post Although it will not be accepting passengers until 2014, the TTCai??i??s next generation of 有轨滚球 arrived in the city 通过 freight train this week. Still the property of its builder, 庞巴迪, the train is in town for a series of trials to see whether it can smoothly navigate 多伦多ai??i??s streets. The vehicle, [...]






金融时报 London Published: April 8 2011 15:43 By Robert Wright The segregated track that carries smart 西塔迪斯滚球s alongside the Aegean in Voula on the outskirts of 雅典 could scarcely form a more marked contrast with the 滚球 line that snakes down the narrow, cobbled streets of the St Gilles district in Brussels. [...]


善良& Bad; News from 多伦多

Firstly the good news; 多伦多's 过境 system will receive 39 kilometres of new subway and 轻轨列车 track in a $12-billion expansion package announced 通过 the province and city on Thursday. Ontario invests billions in 多伦多 过境 'spine' Thu. Mar. 31 2011 1:01 PM ET 多伦多's 过境 system will receive 39 kilometres of [...]


伦敦滚球公司(London Tramlink)竞标购买更多滚球

from the 铁路宪报, 31 January 2011      UK: 伦敦交通 subsidiary Tramtrack 克罗伊登 Ltd is seeking bids for the lease of 10 new or second-hand 滚球 to increase capacity on the 轻轨列车 network in south London from the 恩d of summer 2011.  伦敦交通 press release   A [...]


ZA?A?rich庆祝最后的Auzelg A?ai ?? i ?? ai ???开幕Glattalbahn轻轨项目的Stettbach部分

Glattfest celebrates Glattalbahn completion  SWITZERLAND: Project promoter Zürcher Verkehrsverbund and concessionaire Verkehrsbetriebe Glattal organised a day of festivities to celebrate the opening of the final Auzelg — Stettbach section of the Glattalbahn 轻轨列车 project north of Zürich on December 11. The completed route runs from Stettbach to Zürich Airport via Wallisellen, Auzelg and [...]


宣传,邀请你的朋友在温哥华– this is not just a Rail for the 谷 event轻轨集会和乘车 Granville Island, 温哥华 Saturday, March 20, 2:00pm Granville Island 奥运线 Station (Click here for the event on Facebook) This may be your last chance to experience 温哥华’s最先进的2010年有轨滚球[...]


以下项目已发送给轻轨委员会,也许对那些为现代铁路促进现代轻轨的人感兴趣‘Valley’。反对轻轨的主要抱怨之一是itAi ?? Ai ??使用连接到灯柱的跨线从架空线收集电力(温哥华’s的无轨滚球)或从Catenary.Ai??Ai ????最常见的方法是通过[...]

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