The 滚球 Sun Out Does Itself

Not high speed 轨, but 电车 is an affordable 轨 option in lightly populated regions.

滚球’众所周知,主流报纸对以下方面的信息知之甚少“rail”, whether be it, SkyTrain, light 轨, 要么 regular 轨ways. I don’t even think there ever has been a honest story about light 轨 appearing in the 滚球 Sun, but………….


Daily Poll: Would you support a high speed train connecting 滚球 and the Fraser Valley?

Without any inkling as to the costs involved 要么 Ai?? even what high speed 轨 is, they offer a poll based on aAi?? transit mode with no definition, nor cost estimation.




有一个可行的计划,称为 里伍德研究 and it is a very good plan; a foundation for a regional 轨 network for the Fraser Valley.



1)Ai?? Large tax increases and user fees for a $12 billion 要么 more high-speed 轨 line up the Fraser Valley , from 滚球 to 奇利瓦克 要么 Hope.


2)Ai?? Modest tax increases for a regional 轨 network, with costs starting as low as $750 million for a 滚球 to 奇利瓦克 route.

Now that is a poll worth asking 要么 is the 滚球 Sun afraid to ask?


5回应“The 滚球 Sun Out Does Itself”
  1. 布鲁内尔 说:

    What a lark, high speed 轨.


    High speed 轨 is a trendy catchphrase for questionable politicians and lazy journalists.

  2. Missionrail 说:

    There is already fast 轨 to mission. It is not as fast as the high speed trains in Japan 要么 Europe.

    According to Google maps. The west coast express is faster than driving. Total trip time 通过 train to mission is 75 minutes. Driving takes between 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours according via highway 1. This is for trips leaving downtown 滚球 at 4pm.




    Zwei回答:要解决扩展Western Coast Express的所有问题,完成其工作并将拥堵问题扩散到Fraser的北侧,将花费太长时间。我们正在谈论轻轨DMU’定期为城镇中心,大学和学院提供服务。将来可以升级到TramTrain的区域铁路系统。滚球太阳报’这篇文章的目的是误导公众,使弗雷泽河谷的铁路服务水域更加混乱。

  3. Missionrail 说:

    Westcoast Express宽敞的火车为您提供良好的舒适服务。多伦多使用相同的火车。

  4. zweisystem 说:

    It is now apparent that the demographics have radically changed in metro 滚球.

    Jobs are moving out to transit poor areas because of high rents in 滚球.

    Commuter 轨 just does not have the flexibility to meet the change.

  5. 滚球 说: