FRA批准将Stadler GTW轨道车辆首次用于DCTA–RftV / Leewood研究已准备就绪!

大家好消息,美国联邦铁路管理局(Federal Railway Administration)已批准Denton County Transportation Authority首次将Stailer GTW轨道车辆用于Ai ??’新的客运铁路线。

Not quite 电车 and not quite an old Budd RDC or Bombardier O-train, theAi??Stadler 柴油轻轨Ai??fits the market for 光 weight diesel rail cars for use on secondary rail lines that now only handle freight service. Well golly gee whiz, doesn’这听起来像是从温哥华到奇利瓦克的前卑诗电力公司的城市间服务。对于不到6亿加元的Ai(不到11.5公里的SkyTrain常绿专线的费用的一半),该地区就可以运营从温哥华市中心(中央火车站)到奇利瓦克的基本小时客运服务。

Success is written all over thisAi??project and it this makes the the powers that be in TransLink (and BC Transit for that matter), very worried. Maybe 33 years of hackneyed andAi??badly datedAi??SkyTrain only planning 通过 provincial and regional 过境 planners would be all too evident if an affordable 光 rail 过境 service were to be built connecting the 弗雷泽谷 to downtown 温哥华 and more importantly, from downtown 温哥华 to the 弗雷泽谷.

Let us hope that a new provincial government will see the importance of a 光 railway connecting 温哥华 to 奇利瓦克, through the 弗雷泽谷, as the public has already recognised the importance of reinstating the former BC Electric interurban service.Ai??

FRA批准将Stadler GTW轨道车辆首次用于DCTA


On Monday, June 4, 2012, Administrator Joseph Szabo of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in conjunction with the American Public Transportation Association Annual Rail Conference formally announced approval of DCTAai??i??s request to operate the Stadler GTW concurrent with traditional, compliant equipment. This means that for the first time ever; 光-weight/fuel efficient, eco-friendly low-floor vehicles will be permitted to operate in rail corridors concurrently with traditionally compliant vehicles. The waiver, a first of its kind, will expand 通勤铁路 options for transportation authorities across the United States.

In 2009, the FRAai??i??s Rail Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC) prepared a set of technical criteria and procedures for evaluating passenger rail train-sets that have been built to alternative designs. The alternative designs 恩able 光er, more fuel-efficient rail vehicles equipped with a Crash Energy Management system to commingle with traditionally compliant equipment. The DCTA/Stadler alternative design waiver is the first comprehensive submittal that follows the RSAC Engineering Task Force (ETF) procedures for Tier I equipment. The approval of the DCTA/Stadler waiver request demonstrates that the 恩hanced crashworthiness and passenger protection systems inherent to DCTAai??i??s new rail vehicles meet the latest and most stringent safety standards in the U.S.

ai ??? Stadler很高兴能有机会宣布这一里程碑,并感谢DCTA和FRA的巨大共同努力。 Stadler美国总裁Steve Bonina说。 ai ??? Stadler继续寄希望于FRA将RSAC指南编入法规要求,以使北美铁路网能够使用这一出色,更安全,环保的铁路技术,这将有助于使铁路系统更安全,更安全。高效,更可靠,成本更低。


ai ???此批准是DCTA,FRA LTK和Stadler,ai之间空前合作的结果。 DCTA总裁Jim Cline说。 ai ???我们操作国家i的第一辆替代合规车辆的努力不仅证明了我们致力于为乘客和运营商提高安全性的承诺,而且还致力于改善通勤铁路行业的安全性。我们正在为北得克萨斯州通勤铁路扩展的未来成功设定条件,这些条件将使我们能够将这些车辆集成到我们的system.ai中。

DCTA从Stadler购买了11辆柴油电动GTW 2/6铰接式轨道车辆。这些车辆符合《美国残疾人法案》(ADA),并结合了增强型空调,乘客信息系统,视频监控和众多符合FRA的要素。宽敞的内部空间可容纳轮椅,婴儿车和自行车。每辆车有104个座位和可容纳96人的站立空间,还有明亮的车厢,大窗户和舒适的座椅。 DCTA和Stadler将于今年夏天开始将这些汽车投入使用。


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  1. Haveacow 说:

    好大!自1969年北美铁路复兴复兴以来,这是第一次有合规车辆在美国得到系统的认可。这意味着加拿大运输部别无选择,只能遵守。由于载有货物而被禁止运输的铁路将不再完全停止一条新铁路“light” 过境 service. The O Train in Ottawa may run like diesel 光 rail but to Transport Canada it is defined as a 通勤铁路 line and must comply within this narrowly defined box. Allowing freight and a secondary 过境 vehicle to operate together is the first operational hurdle to be removed so that we can start modernizing 过境 services and use some ready made under used rail lines. This also makes it faster because you do not need a federal 恩vironmental assessment if the rail line already exists. You still need Transport Canada to do a approval process for an operating certificate but a major impediment could be removed. It is important rules like this that need to change to really make things like Tram Trains a operational reality here.

    Zweisystem回答:我完全同意。安全的真正问题不是“buff strength”万一发生碰撞(这是铁路部门不允许二级运输运营的借口),但根本没有碰撞的机会!这意味着改进的,防呆的信令。