VOTING TIME! Monday May 2.

Of course, there are many factors to consider in deciding how to vote this 联邦大选.

On the issue of 山谷铁路, the federal government plays a supporting role, with the provincial government providing specific direction. Still, federal politics matter - just ask those who were involved in getting the West Coast Express up and running 20 years ago.

-Your vote matters. Even if you're in a riding where you don't think your vote will make a difference, it makes a difference, because, first of all, you might be wrong. And second of all, when all the votes across the country are all added up, your vote will still be seen as a part of that total, regardless of whether or not your local candidate gets in.

Here are some last quotes to consider when you go to vote tomorrow. Thank you to all candidates who stuck their neck out and actively spoke up on the campaign trail, for 客运铁路 service for the 弗雷泽谷.

Some quotes from Candidates (west to east)

"In the current federal general 选举 transportation is the most important local issue for Cloverdale residents. I believe citizens specifically want (they deserve) delivery of an economically feasible public transit alternative to fossil fuel-devouring cars. It's about time we elected a federal MP who advocates for a better transportation option involving a sustainable way to feed into the Lower Mainland transit system. I favour investigating using the old Interurban right-of-way in Cloverdale." -Hardy Staub, Liberal Candidate, Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale

(On Transportation) "I think the best option right now is to look at a 轻轨列车 system [as proposed  通过  山谷铁路] south of the Fraser River, and we hook into it [via the Golden Ears Bridge]. That would be the most immediate, feasible solution at this point." -Peter Tam,  绿色  Party Candidate, Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission

"From a purely economic perspective light 山谷铁路 on existing right of ways is an excellent deal. I think from a federal perspective investing through a three tiered system of fed, prov, and regional governments with some private partnership would make this the most cost efficient system available to move large amounts of  people within the valley. I believe the intent of this system should not be to create a "commuter" system that would ferry people out to Vancouver but rather a regional network built to service the south fraser valley region. This line would open up development opportunities along the route especially focused around the stations which currently are mostly in areas that have little or relatively older commercial and residential activity. Currently, the development in the South Fraser region, especially in the east is along the Number 1 hwy corridor and is directed to auto- mobile individuals. By having 轻轨列车 an  恩 tire different set of commercial opportunities will appear for a completely different type of  恩 trepreneur. This would be another way to strengthen the economic ties between these communities. The huge financial return on this small investment is too good to ignore any longer and I haven't even begun on the social and ecological benefits of the 轻轨列车 system. We need this now!" -Daniel Bryce,  绿色  Party Candidate, Abbotsford

"With all the government spending that is wasted, 1 billion dollars would be a fantastic deal, "Rail for the Valley"- Chilliwack to Vancouver. Getting people out of their cars, helping the  恩 vironment, creating sustainable communities around each stop along the way. Jobs that the 山谷铁路would create, not only the building of the infrastructure of the line itself but the spin-off it would have in jobs in the future would far exceed any start up costs of this  恩 deavour. If elected in Ottawa, I would make this a priority in getting this important project started. Currently their are 700,000 people living in the Valley on this side of the Port Mann,  通过  2040 their will be a projected 1.5 million." -David Murray,  全国发展计划  Candidate, Abbotsford

"I've read the study and I do feel that 山谷铁路 is viable. Support Rail For The Valley."  -Gwen O'Mahony,  全国发展计划 , Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon

"If there's one thing I know about  绿色 s, is that we're for public transportation and everybody I know is right behind this. We actually have a plan right now pushing for high-speed public transportation in heavy community corridors like the 弗雷泽谷 so this is one of the areas where we'd like to see high-speed rail, not just for students, but for workers as well. I see workers every single day at work who are driving into Vancouver to work, that's time away from family, that's time away from their kids, that's time sitting in cars eating junky food half the time and wasting gasoline. So, high-speed rail, 山谷铁路 is definitely something that we're pushing for and definitely supporting the 山谷铁路organization." -Jamie Hoskins,  绿色  Party, Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon


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  1. 感谢您多年来为实现这一目标所做的所有辛勤工作。有一天,它将被深深地打入人们的脑海,直到它最终被点击并像今天对我们一样有意义。我只是希望这一天早晚。

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